Mayor’s Message – Poteet



This past weekend our neighboring state, Louisiana, got hit with a weak hurricane resulting in a lot of rain causing flooding issues. Lucky we live far inland from the Texas coastline. However if a hurricane were to hit in close proximity on the coast, it could spawn severe storms in our area with high winds causing damage and a lot of rain and flooding. It is hard to think about dealing/preparing for flooding issues during this extremely dry and high temperature weather. Even though our area won’t experience storm surge or hurricane strength winds, we could feel some of the effects, possible tornadoes, high winds, flooding, loss of power, supply (food/water/fuel/misc. items) shortage among other things. The best time to prepare is not when the storm is about to hit. You can find a lot of useful information at www.nhc.noaa. gov/prepare/ready. This preparedness information can be helpful for other nature/man made emergency incidents. I encourage everyone to be proactive in emergency incident preparedness.

I have reached out to the Atascosa County Emergency Coordinator to organize a table top exercise with area Texas Department of Transportation, Department of Public Safety, Bexar County emergency officials, Atascosa County emergency officials, Atascosa EMS, Poteet city officials, Poteet Police Dept. Poteet Volunteer Fire Department, Poteet ISD officials and staff and others to address a possible man made emergence incident in our city.

As Mayor, part of my duties and responsibilities are to ensure our city and its employees are prepared/trained as best as possible to serve our community during an emergency. In the near future, I will designate a city emergency management advisor/coordinator. This person will be the city’s point of contact for information regarding city’s emergency preparedness and individual/home emergency preparedness. More information on this to follow.

WILLIE LEAL is the Mayor of Poteet. You may E-mail him at mayor@poteettexas. gov.

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