Mayor’s Message – Poteet



I know a lot of our city citizens have some serious concerns about the quality of the city’s water and rightly so. I also experienced some issues with the water at my house. I knew of the citizens’ concerns and I also knew of the pending water project aimed to address their concerns. When I took office in May 2019, I was informed there was a proposed plan to address the water issue, but it was sitting stagnant. Starting August 2019 to December 2019, I, along with city staff, initiated some inquires and attended some meetings with the entities involved to coordinate the next steps to get the project moving forward. In December 2019, the city received approval from the USDA to solicit bids of the project. I am glad to inform you that last week the City Council approved and awarded the contract to a company to start the major upgrade to a majority of our city’s fresh water lines running throughout the city. This project is long overdue. It was just a matter of providing all the required documents to the appropriate entities to get the process moving. Considering the extent of the project, the construction is going to take about a year to complete (not counting for bad weather or unforeseen setbacks). I ask that you be patient with the inconvenience caused during the project. I will provide more information on when and where the project will start as soon as it is available. Also, last week the City Council approved to acquire the necessary funds to upgrade the waste water plant equipment.

Last Friday night, the Poteet High School (PHS) Art Club started to work on the murals on the city hall building. The students sketched out the pictures on the walls and will start painting soon. This is being done in effect to help improve the image of our downtown area. After this project is completed, we plan to make more murals throughout the downtown area.

The City of Poteet has been collecting prom style dresses, dress shoes, clutch purses and jewelry for the young ladies who want to attend prom, but maybe financially aren’t in a position to afford a prom dress. We also have a few selected items for young men, slack, jackets, ties and vest. If you need help, please contact Shawnene Heather at 830-742- 8917 ext. 303.

Don’t forget to go to the the Poteet Strawberry Festival grounds this Saturday to participate in the Cupid 5K/1 mile run/ walk.

There is more information available at the library

WILLIE LEAL is the Mayor of Poteet. You may E-mail him at mayor@poteettexas. gov.

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