Mayor’s Message – Poteet



A lot of activity this past week. I had a meeting with Mr. Gilbert Lafuente, Outreach Coordinator for Congressman Henry Cuellar. I asked him to assist us in making inquiries on finding a bank institution for our town. We also discussed possible grants options to help in developing our downtown area.

I hosted an Atascosa County City Mayors (ACCM) luncheon at our public library. Representatives for Pleasanton, Jourdanton and Charlotte attended. This was the first meeting of the ACCM coalition. The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss issues common to all of our cities and share best practice solutions. This also provided us an opportunity to enhance our cities’ relationships with each other. The meeting was very successful. It was agreed to continue to gather quarterly at a different city venue. I was invited to participate at the Poteet High School Career Day. I met with several students who had questions regarding career options and opportunities. My main focus was to inform them that in order to achieve their career goals, it required dedication, hard work and the will to make necessary sacrifices. The first step towards reaching their goals starts here in the school.

Our city employees helped a few needy families in our community have a nice Thanksgiving Day by donating to make complete Thanksgiving meals. This was done with city employee donations only, no city funds were used. Our city employees donated enough to put together seven complete meals. The recipient families were very appreciative of the meals and of the generosity of our city employees.

Thanksgiving Day is upon us again. We should all take time to reflect and give thanks for the countless blessings in our lives. I have so many blessings in my life. The most important blessing is my beautiful family. I have a wonderful wife, Diana, whom without her support I would not have been able to successfully achieve my career goals. She also did an amazing job raising our three awesome children Mario, Jennifer and Stephanie. She also helps with our four grandchildren Denise, Joshua, Owen and Ben. To me, my family is the most important thing in my life, everything comes in a distant second. So when you are gathered together with your family for your Thanksgiving meal, remember to give thanks for God’s blessing.

Please also remember all those who cannot be together with their families. Maybe you can invite someone who is alone for Thanksgiving to share your meal and your family.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

WILLIE LEAL is the Mayor of Poteet. You may E-mail him at mayor@poteettexas. gov.

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