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Greetings from the Mayor’s office: This week I wanted to focus on our Volunteer Fire Department. Something I heard many years ago… …”What if your house was on fire and you made a call to the local fire department and no one answered the call?” We would certainly hope that would never happen, so I am grateful that the Pleasanton Fire Department stands strong today with mainly a volunteer force of men and women. We are fortunate to have individuals who take the time to volunteer and ensure that someone would be there in case of a fire or other emergency.

Our VFD is made up mostly of volunteers who offer their time to train and be available to respond when needed. And unfortunately, the total of volunteers has decreased somewhat over the past years. Even so, the Pleasanton VFD made a total of 460 calls in 2018, which I think is and continues to be remarkable. Just last month, a total of 50 calls were made using man power of 203 and with total man hours of 312. The VFD not only responds to structural fires, but also motor vehicle crashes, rescues, vehicle fires, brush fires, public assists, EMS assists, law enforcement assists and any other calls where they can be of service.

If any of you might be interested in becoming a volunteer Fireman, stop by one of the Fire Stations, either on Hunt St. or Airport Road, and find out more information or call 830-569-2813. A big thanks to Chief Garris and his men and women who continue to be on watch for me and you. And thanks also to the Pleasanton VFD Woman’s Auxiliary for their support.

Until Next week……best regards.

TRAVIS HALL is the Mayor of Pleasanton. You may E-mail him at mayor@

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