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Greetings from the Mayor’s office, The “buzz” here in our community for the past week or so has been the notification of migrant families coming to our city. I deal in factual information and what I can find out on any given situation and not just “hearsay” or social media rants. So, I will share with you what I know to be true and factual. I visited this past week with Ben Miranda of the Endeavors group. Endeavors is a nonprofit group who holds the contract with the federal government that is responsible for care and transportation of migrant families that are housed in public hotels. Mr. Miranda gave me the following information:

1. The migrant families are coming to Pleasanton

2. Most, if not all, are single-parent families with most of them women and children.

3. Approximately 170 migrants will be housed at a local hotel.

4. The hotel has not been named as of April 26. 5. Migrant families will be housed for approximately 72 hours and then transported to the SA airport or bus terminal to assist them in reaching their final destination. 6. Plans are being finalized and no date or time has been given as to their arrival in our city.

7. Endeavors handles 100% of the costs incurred and there is no cost to this city. 8. Length of booking the hotel has not been determined.

9. When plans are finalized, the city will be notified of the date and time of their arrival and a news release will be issued.

This is the info that I have been given as of Monday this week. As soon as we are updated, the Pleasanton Express will issue that information. Questions asked of me this past week and answers I have given:

1. Q: How can we stop this?

A: There is nothing I nor this city can do to prevent the federal government coming into this city and using a local hotel.

2. Q: Can we use force?

A: Good luck with that … if we tried, we would be violating several state and federal laws that would result in state and federal charges being filed.

3. Q: Will the migrant families be released in this city?

A: I have been told by Endeavors they will not unless family members are already here.

This is what I know to be factual. It is what I have been told and if not, then I have been lied to. But I hope this is not the case.

Until next week, best wishes and good health to all.

TRAVIS HALL is the Mayor of Pleasanton. You may reach him at mayor@

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