Mayor’s Message – Pleasanton



Greetings from the Mayor’s office, I hope this column finds you in good health and with a positive attitude. Sometimes a positive attitude is hard to maintain, especially when you hear from the local TV stations that there has now been a COVID “double mutant” virus that has been discovered and the possibility of increased infection to even those who have been vaccinated. So, there goes the positive attitude, right out the window like a fly escaping from the swatter. It seems that before this information is put out to the public, news stations would give the CDC the opportunity to release information on this X2 mutant that is accurate and not leave us scratching our heads. And next comes a doctor, who is knowledgeable about the virus, and states it’s too early to tell. If it’s too early to tell, why put it out to the public. And then the response from the media is “the public needs to know.” And I agree with that; we need to know, but we need to know what is factual. With all the untruths and fictitious information on social media, confusion is at its highest level. So, what do we do? We continue to wear that mask and follow all the other proven guidelines that the CDC has recommended. It seems like more and more folks are not following those guidelines and over half of the states are experiencing virus case increases and there’s talk now of a fourth wave. My whole point is we must continue to be smart and continue to play by the rules when it comes to COVID. Our COVID numbers have remained low in this city since March 2020, and I can only attribute that to the fact that our citizens must be doing something right. And, YOU ARE and I thank you. We will talk again next week. Until then, best regards and good health to all.

TRAVIS HALL is the Mayor of Pleasanton. You may reach him at

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