Mayor’s Message – Pleasanton



Greetings from the Mayor’s office: I wish I had better news. As the COVID-19 numbers continue to increase in this city, county and state, and San Antonio being designated as one of four COVID-19 hotspots, we must again postpone the opening of our city park and cancel our 4th of July celebration. We have no other choice and we must continue to be smart in our battle with the virus. Our numbers have been small in our city, but I expect those numbers to increase in positive cases as the summer continues.

The question has come up once again about making masks mandatory for our business owners and for the customers who visit their shops and imposing a fine on those business owners who do not require customers to wear a mask. I WILL NOT impose any type action on our business owners or citizens. They have been hit hard enough with loses and again, I will leave that decision with the individual business owners and citizens of this city, but would recommend highly that everyone wear a mask in public and stay at home if you can. Keep in mind that any mandatory requirement imposed on anyone must be enforced. Our police officers will not be tied up with 911 calls concerning people who are not wearing masks. I will continue to support “individual responsibility,” as does the Governor, and we will continue to work to keep our businesses open.

Our work on the new budget for 2020-2021 continues. Due to COVID-19 shortfalls, we have had to make adjustments in almost every department. We will continue to work to do more with less. Some of our budget-saving action items include no employee raises, leasing vehicles rather than purchasing and reducing manpower by moving personnel to other departments. Yes, it is like a game of chess and our department heads are continuing to do a great job. An increase in city taxes will not happen in the new budget year and I’m hoping that next week I will have additional good news to report. Until then, best regards and good health to you and your family.

TRAVIS HALL is the Mayor of Pleasanton. You may email him at

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