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Greetings from the Mayor’s office: We have had our first two confirmed COVID-19 cases here in Atascosa County and as of Monday this week, a confirmed case in Wilson County. As a result of the confirmed cases here in our county, the City Park, Library, Museum, Civic Center and Municipal Court have now locked their doors. City Hall remains up and running with business as usual. I spent most of last week and this week in our city’s Emergency Operation Center in keeping up to date with changing COVID-19 events and making sure that our EOC personnel are keeping the public informed with good factual information as things seem to change hourly. If you have a question concerning the virus or what this city is doing to keep it from spreading, call 830-569-2813, Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. This schedule could change depending on changing events. I wanted to have a single location to disseminate information to the public and our EOC personnel have been trained in Emergency Management and how to operate an EOC and will continue to do so until this is over…and it will be. We will continue to do everything we can to prevent spreading of the virus, but we need your help. This city continues to operate under the Governor’s Executive Order and have added additional restrictions in closing the park, library, museum, civic center and municipal court. I applaud the citizens of this city for working together and following the guidelines which have been established. In working together, we must also pull together in the same direction to beat this virus. Thank you for doing so. Until next week…good health.

TRAVIS HALL is the Mayor of Pleasanton. You may E-mail him at

2 responses to “Mayor’s Message – Pleasanton”

  1. Adele Hayden says:

    Thank you for saving our town and letting everyone know that there was a couple of people that had the coronavirus. I really and truly appreciate what you have done for our town and the surrounding areas . GOOD JOB 👍

  2. Texas Moore says:

    Thank you and your entire staff for doing such a comprehensive job to keep Pleasanton and Atascosa County citizens informed and safe.

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