Mayor’s Message – Pleasanton



I’ve mentioned before in previous articles that the intent of this article is to disseminate information that promotes a better understanding of how local government works. I encourage anybody who reads these articles to reach out with ideas for topics. Most of the articles that I have written have been a result of a request for information. I think having a better understanding of how our local government works is important. It’s also important for constituents to connect with the leaders in their community. During a recent radio spot, I had a really good conversation with JB Salazar of KSAQ on elected officials. It’s important that we understand who we are putting in office. Their ideas and intent need to be lined up with the constituents that vote them into office. Unfortunately, politics seem to be a popularity contest. In a recent briefing I gave on my tenants of leadership, my main focus was on not trying to be popular. When leaders try to be popular, they tend to dilute their effectiveness. Being popular does not help get things accomplished. It’s self serving. Voting for someone because of their last name is a disservice to the office that they hold. When we look at putting people in a leadership position, we need to make sure that the intent is for the greater good of the people that they serve. If they’re looking for power instead of the greater good, they’re not the person that needs to be in the position. This probably all sounds a little soap boxish, but I think it’s important to get things out and discussed.

In the coming weeks, I will be writing about the different city departments. I really want readers to understand the functions of each department of the city. It takes a lot to keep the city going. I think there are some misconceptions with the function of some of the departments. Hopefully in the coming articles, that will change. I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year. Let’s have a great 2022.

CLINTON POWELL is the Mayor for the City of Pleasanton. You may reach him at

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