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Let’s talk about some events happening the first weekend of December. This is timely because some of the events have deadlines coming up. Three of the events are Merry on Main, Blue Santa softball tournament and Vintage in Verdi. First of all we have Merry on Main. There is a huge need for volunteers and participants. The organization is asking for people to volunteer for two hours at a time. They need help setting up the event and during the event. Below will be some contact information if you want to volunteer and/or participate. I’d like to mention some deadlines; Vendor booths and Wonderland Tree at the Park deadline is Nov. 19, Nov. 22 for the talent show, Nov. 25 for the parade and Nov. 26 for Little Miss Merry on Main Pageant. Some of the events will include the Lighting of the tree, River Park Wonderland, lighted night parade, talent show, Little Miss Merry on Main, food and beverage vendors, ice fights, and David Lee Garza y Los Musicales. The winner of the 18 and above talent show will get to sing with David Lee y Los Musicales! Last year, there were 100 entries for the River Park Wonderland, and there are 65 entries as of now. If you want to participate, get your entry in. Another event Dec. 4-5 is the Blue Santa softball tournament. That is put together by South Texas Brush Country Tournaments (STXBC). Each participant is required to bring a gift and donate it to the police department. There is still time to enter the tournament on Sunday. And also we have Vintage in Verdi Friday and Saturday of the same week, Dec. 3-4. We’ve got a lot of stuff going on! Below is contact information for event times and participation deadlines. I hope to see you at one or all of these events. The holiday season is upon us!

Merry on Main: or Facebook and Instagram @ merryonmainpleasanton.

Blue Santa softball tournament:

Vintage in Verdi: Facebook “Vintage in Verdi.”

CLINTON POWELL is the Mayor for the City of Pleasanton. You may reach him at

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