Mayor’s Message – Pleasanton



Last week we had an incident at City Hall that lasted about 10 hours. Our police department, fire department and public works were the main players. When we have an event like this, there is no planning involved. These are times when training kicks in. It is so important that our first responders have regular training. It’s also important to have relationships with other entities. Because of the nature of the incident, the city called for assistance. Involved were Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office, San Antonio S.W.A.T. and Hostage Negotiation Team, Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Rangers. It was impressive to see the support we have available at a moment’s notice. The end result of the effort was that every one involved was safe. The coordination of many departments and outside agencies was impressive. I would also like to applaud the outstanding job done by the Pleasanton Police Department leadership, the officers and the telecommunication officers.

I also would like to draw attention to the local businesses that assisted with food, water and sports drinks. Thank you Susan Phillips of The Good Health Store, John Rosas of The Barbershop, The Office Bar and Grill, Fire Scene Rehab, Leroy and Cindy Urrabazo of Atascosa Liquor and many other citizens that provided comfort and relief. When you see anyone involved in this incident please recognize them … I know I will. This event shows how this community and the surrounding area come together to help each other.

CLINTON POWELL is the Mayor for the City of Pleasanton. You may reach him at

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