Mayor’s Message – Pleasanton



I’d like to start out by congratulating the class of 2021! These kids were born around the 9/11 attacks and had their senior year and graduation during a pandemic. Both rough times for the United States and the world. So, all the best to the class of 2021. I would love to hear from you on how the City of Pleasanton can improve to help with your career endeavors.

Housing has been an issue in Pleasanton for many years. In an effort to continue to improve our city, the city council is taking time to research an option that could help with the current housing issue. It would be to create a Municipal Utility District, or MUD. This has been an option used by cities and towns in our area. A MUD can be created in the county, Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) or in the city. Simply put, the ETJ is the land service a mile outside the city limits. A MUD is its own taxing entity and has its own council or board. The city receives a portion of the tax collected, receives fees for services (water, sewer), and collects impact fees from the development. Continue to check our website and talk to council to stay informed of this item.

During the last city council meeting, all department head reports were as submitted, meaning the presenter did not read the report. I want to explain that this was done in an effort to save time. Sometimes it takes hours to prepare for a council meeting and the last thing we want is to hear the report again, but instead take advantage of the meeting time to discuss concerns with the reports. Past and current posted agenda items are on the website so check them out and stay informed. The city website can be found at

Again, huge congratulations to the class of 2021.

CLINTON POWELL is the Mayor of Pleasanton. You may reach him at mayor@

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