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I have been kicking around a couple of ideas for the past several days and wanted to share them with you. Both of these I am in favor of and will work with city staff and the Chamber to see these through. First of all, I am in favor of making events “bigger and better” and the Cowboy Homecoming is one of them. We need to separate the CH from the Turn-N-Burn and let our annual city celebration stand on its own.

Next, the Cowboy Homecoming is going to be a good fit for the new city park and dates need to be changed and out of the month of March where spring break interferes with the parade and attendance of high school bands and especially Pleasanton’s Eagle band. We are currently looking at October for the CH and having it on the same weekend as the high school football homecoming. These are ideas and we will work with the Chamber to see if they are feasible. I have had some here in the city that want to move the CH back to the downtown area, but, I think downtown cannot support the CH because of its size and again, the new city park will be ideal. The Chamber reps will present information to the city council this Wednesday evening at our meeting. Until then…….

Have a great week and Happy Easter…….

TRAVIS HALL is the Mayor of Pleasanton. You may E-mail him at mayor@

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