Mayor thankful for City Council approval for runway realignment

Mayor Clint Powell says he usually skips the “Mayor’s Message” section of the city council meetings, but at the Jan 16 meeting he had something to say.

“I’d like to thank the council for last year,” he said “they got a lot of good projects either done or in the works to be done and moving forward with others”. Powell also mentioned that “we had $9 million dollars of capital funds and improvements in infrastructure that were paid for by the developer. It didn’t come out of the city’s pocket. And that’s pretty impressive.”

City council selected a contractor Jan 16 at their meeting for a runway realignment project. Garver Aviation was selected as the lead contractor on the project.

The Pleasanton Airport Advisory Board was directed to review proposals for the runway in December. Joe Rodriguez, a member of the board said to council “You can’t go wrong with Garver,” when the Board presented their recommendations.

If all goes smoothly with the runway realignment project, Pleasanton Mayor Clint Powell says that a facility for AirLife could be constructed, which would allow Pleasanton to have AirLife 24/7. Mayor Powell added that a San Antonio Hospital “is going to do a trial for two years and if it’s justified we’ll have AirLife at the Pleasanton Airport”.

Also, according to a citation officer who uses the airport often, says that his company could upgrade their aircraft after the realignment project expands the size of the runway.

The construction project will cost $25,000 and should take 120 days, according to the Airport Advisory Board.

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