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Shane Howard, Vice President of Burditt Consultants, LLC, helps present the Parks Master Plan including feasibility studies for the River Park, Museum expansion and Multi-Event Facility.

Shane Howard, Vice President of Burditt Consultants, LLC, helps present the Parks Master Plan including feasibility studies for the River Park, Museum expansion and Multi-Event Facility.

At the November 12 special Pleasanton City Council meeting, a presentation of the Parks Master Plan was given by Burditt Land Place Studios.

The Conroe based company was hired by the city to perform feasibility studies on the expansion of the existing Longhorn Museum and Parks Master Plan which also included a Multi-Event Center.

City Manager Bruce Pearson introduced Charles Burditt, Owner. Pearson was quick to point out that these are just studies to see if it is feasible to embark on any of the findings.

“This is the culmination of many, many months of stakeholder meetings, parks committee meetings, public input meetings, individual interviews with folks in the community which included the council and the staff, school district and county officials. In addition to that, there was a survey sent out to the school district – kids in elementary, junior high and high school- gave their input,” said Pearson.

By hearing the findings and accepting the studies by no means means they will be expanding the museum or issuing debt to begin building, Pearson explained.

Burditt opened by thanking the committees and staff who were so helpful in gathering information so they could prepare the studies. He explained that his firm is presenting the findings and offering recommendations.

Longhorn Museum

Shane Howard (Vice President of the firm) gave the assessment on the possible expansion on the current Longhorn Museum.

He began with the existing conditions of the building using Good, Adequate and Poor as ratings.

Ratings were given on the following criteria for the museum:

•Site location – Beautiful entrance.

•Program space and utilization poor with underutilized areas

•Existing site conditions and amenities – Ranged from good to poor.

•Building exterior and interior – good to adequate roofing – poor

•Canopy/awning -adequate

•Mechanical/Plumbing – adequate to poor (no fire hydrant was observed)

•Electrical – adequate

•ADA (Texas Accessibility Standards 2012) – poor (parking, entrance/exits)

•Code/Life Safety – poor. The occupancy load is approximate 276. No automatic sprinkler system, exit paths, display/artifact pose a problem with combustible materials.

He explained that updating and expanding the area to 300 people and 9,000 square feet would trigger life safety, accessibility and code requirements.

He recommended that the expansion cost of $393,000- $581,500 would not be feasible for the current location.

The council accepted the feasibility study.

Parks Master Plan

Paul Howard condensed the 90 page assessment during his presentation of the Parks Master Plan.

Priority Projects that are identified are:

• Renovation of the River Park:

Renovations would include: 3 soccer fields, multi-use field, larger pavilion, shade structures, playgrounds, splash pad, amphitheater, art walk, skate spot, greywater display, entry signage, 2 volleyball areas, seating, open play, picnic, trails, parking, basketball court, dog stations, tennis court, shade trees restrooms, 13 workout stations, fishing, kayak and concessions.

The estimate for these improvements would be around $9,680,000.

Councilman Travis Hall, Jr. expressed his concerns of the flooding of the River Park, recounting when he was younger that a flood destroyed a newly constructed miniature golf course.

• Facility upgrades of Sports Complex and Aquatics Facility:

Renovation of existing baseball/softball fields , chain link fencing, irrigation, solid sod, aluminum bleachers, shade sails, field lights on poles, clay infield, and groundwork including fill pad and stabilization, concrete slab, mass excavation and rough grading. Adding a splash pad and restroom plus landscaping and improved parking would be estimated at $1,100,000.

• Development of citywide trail system:

Concrete sidewalks/ paths added to areas near the schools and parks were estimated at $2,600,000

• Skate park:

Grind rails, bank feature and platform, benches, quarter pipes, large stair set w/assorted features, steel detail, drainage and cut/fill. An estimate of $380,250.

• New athletic practice fields and park at Adam St. (old landfill site):

This area could provide practice fields and a spot that would be nearer for the citizens who may not wish to cross the river or the railroad tracks, trails, pavilion, restrooms, playground, irrigation etc would have an estimated cost of $6,610,000

• New Neighborhood Park and pool at 7th St.(city owned property near Adams St.):

Paths, a small pool with deck, bathroom and concession with basketball courts and a playground with electrical etc. would cost around $2,110,000.

• Recommendation for feasibility study of a future New Sports Complex (site not determined):

With an estimate of $5,310,000, the addition of more baseball fields will be needed based on current/ projected growth. Five ball fields with 210 foot foul lines, one field with 310 foot foul lines plus fencing, scoreboards, backstop netting, grading and drainage, as well as more parking, concessions/restrooms, landscaping etc.

Three football game day fields, practice fields, bleachers, scoreboards, etc. plus irrigation are estimated at $1,720,000

For soccer, 19 fields will be needed based on future growth. Various size fields to accommodate large groups of soccer players. Fencing and landscaping could be as much as $5,450,000

Multi Event Center

• Recommendation for feasibility study for future Multi-Event Center:

With the success of existing community events such as Cowboy Homecoming and Turn-n-Burn BBQ Cook-off, an area to hold such programs/ events plus more could open up more space to increase attendance. This facility could provide a covered arena, rodeo training/ practice pens, stables, tack rooms, indoor event center, commercial kitchens and concessions, campgrounds, parking and overflow space, high school graduation ceremonies, antique car shows, gun shows, dances, festivals and rodeos.

An expanded area, encompassing 216 acres, would also allow for soccer complex exhibition hall, amphitheater, playgrounds, parks, trails, restrooms, lighting, parking and even space for retail shops.

The upkeep was also figured with a base of 4-5 full time employees. The revenue should be $550,000 average, costs should be around $537,000.

Total amount would be $51 million.

The firm suggested completing the improvements in three phases or five phases over 15 years.

Years 1-3: Purchase land, build rodeo/event arena, build soccer fields, lighting, parking. Years 6-10: Build exhibit hall, RV spaces, entrances and landscaping. Years 11-15: Event hall (approximately 32,000 square foot) would be built, amphitheater and museum.

The five phase plan would be: Years 1-3- Rodeo Arena, soccer fields. Years 4-6: Amphitheater would be built. Years 7-9 – Exhibit Hall would be constructed. Years 10-12- Event Hall. Years 13- 15 – Museum.

Councilman Doug Best commented as a point of reference that the Joe and Harry Freeman Coliseum currently has 31,250 square feet of trade space to use as a comparable building.

The council voted to accept the feasibility studies as presented as well as the Parks Master Plan.

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