Marriage is Bliss


There are so many talented people in our little community that sometimes you just want to brag on them. One of those talented people is Bob Duncan. Bob and his wife Louise have been married for 73 years and he writes poems that would make you think they were newlyweds. Here are a couple of them:

Growing Old Together

We’re growing old together; As hand in hand we be. We’ve shared life’s great moments; And kept each other company! Loving, laughing, living; As through life we go! We’re growing old together; Our age has begun to show! No matter where He leads us; This one thing is true! If we lived forever; I would still love you!

Here is his latest poem along with a painting he painted of the two of them. The reason I know about it is he posted it on Facebook. He has no idea I was going to share this in the Verdilizer, but after 73 years of marriage that is obviously going strong, I just had to.

Tell Me You Love Me

Tell me you love me; That’s all I need to hear! Those three little words “I love you” fill my heart with cheer! You brighten up my day! And give my soul a lift. You give me cause for living. You are a special gift! Say again “you love me.” Those words I love to hear! My heart is always longing; So say it loud and clear!

It isn’t their anniversary, but to 73 years plus, Bob and Louise!

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