Marriage has been decided

I am sharing an excerpt from a letter written by Jessica (Andrews) Weatherby, formerly from Pleasanton. She wrote it to the letter to the editor in the Waco Tribune.

The issue of marriage has already been decided. Read Genesis 2:24, Mark 10:7-8. Marriage was defined by its Inventor, our Maker, The Almighty GOD. HE is quite aware of what it takes for society to function, families to gel and children to be nurtured. He is the author and perfector of marriage and of freedom. HE has spoken throughout history, through many people, in many places and times and on many pages of scripture, about what marriage is, and should be. And yes, Jesus spoke about it, too. About both marriage and (gay and lesbianism). GOD uses marriages to reflect HIS attributes to the children of those unions and to reflect the bridegroom who was unwilling that HIS bride (that’s us, the sinners) should perish, so He suffered and died to pay the price for her iniquities. It’s the story of a faithful bride who submits with great joy to her perfect Savior, JESUS Christ, who died for her. You can choose to reject HIS purpose. You can choose to follow the laws of men, instead of desire of the Law giver. You can choose to counterfeit the GOD-head by supporting or engaging in Same Sex Marriage. Does GOD love homosexuals? Yes! There is not Christian among us who doesn’t have a fleshly desire inconsistent with the Will of our Father. But as Christians we choose not to walk in the flesh, but in the Holy Spirit and become transformed into the person GOD made us to be. GOD gave freedom in the garden and HE gives it now. That freedom allows you to choose your actions, but not HIS laws. Unless Christians reject the false doctrine of “tolerance” (which is just an

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