MandT Hair Cut-A-Thon Fundraiser March 24Free Access

MandT Hair Cut-A-Thon Fundraiser!!

When you lose someone very close to you unexpectedly and young, it is especially heartbreaking when you were to be a part of their potential future. Life continues day after day and although the loss of your young person does not fade away, it can be transformative and this is what has taken place for Madison and Tanner McCleary. Maddie and Tanner will never be completely gone because a piece of them lives on in each life they have touched.  The #spreadkindnessforMandT movement continues to spread hope and love by performing acts of kindness. Please join Brush Country Barbershop (BC Barbershop)  for their very first Cut-a-Thon on Saturday, March 24 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 904 West Goodwin St. in Pleasanton. Anyone who would like to donate their time helping with the event is very welcome!

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