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The Way I See It



Every now and then I’m reminded that certain people are put in your life for a reason. Some for good reasons, bad reasons and some for reasons to learn. There may be times when a complete stranger makes your day or better yet, they become friends because of a happenstance meeting at a festival or simply because you shared eye-rolls due to a few feral children trying to set their plush animals on fire in a propane fueled fire pit or dousing them in the nearby fountain. (Their parents either had no clue or they just didn’t care.)

Or when you recognize someone that you knew from another time in your life and while it could be awkward or easy to ignore them – you walk over, say their name and say, “I’m Sue, from Pleasanton!” She was so surprised that I recognized her. So we caught up and said we’d keep in touch.

I have also come to the age that I try to let these people know that I value them.

A boyfriend of a dear friend sent me a meme through Facebook Messenger. I thought “Oh, this is going to be crazy/inappropriate!” But it wasn’t. It was a really sweet thought someone else wrote and he shared it.

Here it is … “My favorite feeling is when someone does something, and your immediate thought is I love you. Like it could be something small or stupid or very typical of them, but they do it, and your brain is just like, yeah that’s why I love that human.” The kicker to this is he added his message underneath … “I only sent it as a message because it doesn’t apply to everyone.” Totally understand, RJH.

So in this time of remembering the reason for the season, please allow some time to reflect on the many reasons for this Christmas season and seasons to follow.

The way I see it, please let those you love/like/ admire/respect know how you feel. Or compliment a complete stranger and make their day a bit brighter. Chat up the young/elderly couple or folks standing in line with you. Just share some human decency out there, okay?

SUE BROWN is a columnist of the Pleasanton Express. Contact her at

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