Main Street progress report

The City of Pleasanton will be meeting with its engineer regarding sidewalk enhancement on Main Street, where work is being done at the present time.

“What is being worked on at this time is the east side of Main Street and that will be completed this week,” said Pleasanton City Manager Johnny Huizar.

“This is all the way from Dowdy’s to Shannon’s Photo Studio, and then at Nest Feathers – all of that will be completed by Wednesday.

“Then on Monday, after Thanksgiving, we will meet with our consulting engineer to reevaluate the west side of Main Street. This is an area we didn’t foresee some of the elevation differences that are existing.

“We will come and ‘marry’ those two sidewalks to where there will not be that offset.

“We will talk with our engineer to come up with a good solution. We will not leave it the way it is now. We’re going to take care of issues we have regarding the sidewalks and want them to look nice, whatever it takes.”

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