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If you’ve ever seen my husband you know he is a big man. At almost 6 foot tall and about 260 pounds, he’s a beast. He looks very intimidating.

But if you’ve ever spoken to him, you know he is a giant teddy bear. The guys over at jiu jitsu named him Twinkle Toes. Odd thing is the guys at his work also started calling him that without knowing that was already his nickname. They even commemorated it with a bright pink curly fonted sticker on the back windshield of his giant Dodge truck saying just that, “Twinkletoes.” And to complement it a flower sticker.

My point is he is sweet and I’m not saying that because I am his wife. He is genuine and thoughtful. Being a father changed him. For the better. He listens to Kidd Kraddick morning show on 96.1 most days and liked hearing about the charity work that was done. So one day he decided to grow his hair to donate it to Locks of Love, an organization that makes wigs for children with illnesses that have caused them to lose their hair.

It’s been over a year and his hair is still growing. He hasn’t had it cut since June 2012. He gets frustrated when his baseball caps don’t fit right and start to rise with the amount of hair underneath. He wears a bandana or a ponytail when he needs to.

I, myself am so ready for it to be cut. I just wanna see his face. Although, I must say it is convenient to be able to ask your husband for a hair tie and he actually have one.

In order to be able to donate your hair the amount cut off has to be at least 10 inches. The last time we measured was a few months ago and it was at seven and a half. So here’s hoping he’s made it to 10. I’d love to see him groomed for the holidays. LOL

He gets all sorts of comments on it. People don’t understand why he’s doing it. Others come up with nicknames like “Big Jeebus”. Most see how kind hearted this beast of a man is. He’s sweet.

Stay tuned. I’ll post photos when when he finally is able to cut it.

My husband truck complete with

My husband truck complete with “Twinkle Toes” sticker and accent flower and heart.

The pic on the left was taken June 29, 2013. The one on the right was September 29. Looks like we're getting close to be able to donate.

The pic on the left was taken June 29, 2013. The one on the right was September 29. Looks like we’re getting close to be able to donate.

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