Local tennis star Lea Karren recognized by SA Express-News



Recently, Lea Karren, State AAA Tennis Champion from Jourdanton, was recognized by the San Antonio Express- News on their Super Team designations and placed on their Sub-6A and private schools All- Area Team.

Debbie Brashear, Lea’s tennis coach, said, “When she first arrived here in August (2018), we started talking a little bit about tennis and how far a player could go. I explained that there is District, Regionals and State. After I told her this information she told me that she was going to win State,. Well she kept her word and did just that.”

Stats-Undefeated in sets and matches, therefore placed 1st at every tournament she participated in this season. She beat the 3-time defending state champion in the semi-finals at the Regional tournament and again at the State tournament in the finals. The San Antonio Express put an article in their Outside the Box portion of their paper talking about all the top area tennis players and their accomplishments and she was one of the players they chose to list.

Coach Brashear said, “The office of Senator Pete Flores contacted me and wanted to do some type of recognition for her as well.

“Lea was only here for a year but made a big impact in tennis, our school and community.

She is not only an amazing player but she has such a great work ethic as well. She was always up for a challenge and never complained about any drills we put her through. She did them with determination and at 100% every time. We will miss her next year, but I think she inspired some of our younger players to work hard and be the best player they can be.”

Lea will finish her senior year in France and hopes to come back to the US to play college tennis after graduating.

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