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The older I get the faster holidays arrive and fly by. It seems like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are each just days apart.

Atascosa County has so many events between now and Christmas that our Out and About column is turning into a full page of happenings.

Do you glance at Out and About weekly? This Pleasanton Express favorite starts on the Front Page and lists in chronological order the best of the best events in our county. The majority of the events are free or they are fundraisers. Most all are family-oriented happenings.

I encourage you to please take the Pleasanton Express and read through Out and About to plan your week, weekend and month ahead with your family.

When I see people comment or say, “I never heard about that event,” I truly want to scream in agony. It is so very easy to know what is going on in this community by simply buying a Pleasanton Express for $1 at 65 retail outlets throughout the county. You can even listen to the Pleasanton Express at www.pleasantonexpress.com for free. We have audio of all of our stories for your listening pleasure. You can read a digital version of the print version at www.pleasantonexpress.com by clicking on E-Edition in the menu. While there, please sign up for News Updates. You will never miss a breaking news story with just a quick typing in of your email.

Follow us on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for continual news updates, event happenings, sports and deals from the most trusted businesses in town. We have the largest social media presence in the county and use it responsibly.

The Pleasanton Express has been Atascosa County’s newspaper of record since 1909, but we are more than a newspaper. We are a news organization that strives hard to present the news you can use on a 24/7/365 basis through all our print, digital and social media platforms. Additionally, we continually support this community through partnerships and sponsorships. We truly feel that Atascosa County is the best small community in which to live, love, work and play.

If you have an event you want promoted, please email lluna@pleasantonexpress.com. To advertise with us, please email advertising@pleasantonexpress.com. We provide myriad advertising packages to meet your budgets. We connect you with the community and ensure that your business or nonprofit stays top of mind with consumers and supporters.

Thank you for trusting the Pleasanton Express to tell the stories of Atascosa County. Please feel free to call me at 830-569-6130 or email me at nwilkersonholmes@pleasantonexpress.com. I return all calls and emails promptly and would love to hear from you.

NOEL WILKERSON HOLMES is the Publisher and Managing Editor of the Pleasanton Express. You may reach her at nwilkersonholmes@pleasantonexpress.com.

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