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Local Matters


I need my hair and nails done. But, do I really? At what cost? I am teetering on the age of at-risk. I have had breast cancer and lots of radiation. Does that make me even more susceptible?

I cannot believe that we live in a time that I cannot, from our government or the media, receive information that I can use to make sound decisions. Wear masks. Don’t wear mask. Stay home. Go back to work. I have no idea what the truth is right now. For a journalist, this is the worst situation you can imagine. What is it that we are supposed to be doing? I am not a lemming. I do not blindly do what I am told. I have been, all my life, taught trust but question authority.

Did I go sit in a hair salon today and talk about the struggles of curly hair, dating, my parents and grey hairs? Was it everything that I expect out of  a salon? Yes! Was I one bit scared? No, I was not. But I also knew the women there. I know they, too have put themselves at low risk. I did not feel safe because our government said that it was safe for them to reopen with heavy stipulations. I felt safe because I know the owner and I know she cares about me and her clients.

Today, as a county, we are at 13 active COVID-19 cases. Am I afraid of that number? Yes, I am. I had a brother-in-law die from COVID-19 and he did not believe that COVID-19 was a concern. He traveled nowhere. He only visited the hardware store, the grocery store and the convenience store. Please keep seeking the truth about COVID-19. The Pleasanton Express will continue to keep you up to date and informed. I do not want people I love to fall for the idea that this is a conspiracy. I have nieces who will never be walked down the aisle by their father who believed this was a media hype. Be safe.

NOEL WILKERSON HOLMES is the Publisher/Managing Editor of the Pleasanton Express. You may reach her at nwilkersonholmes@pleasantonexpress.com.

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