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I don’t think there is anything more important I can write about than to urge everyone to please go vote in the PISD Tax Ratification Election. When you do vote please vote FOR. When you vote FOR you are truly voting for a better education and enhanced school experience for your children and your grandchildren. Strong schools are the backbone of every great community. Strong schools attract families and businesses boosting the local economy and driving population growth.

Passing the TRE allows PISD to swap pennies from the Interest and Sinking rate (I&S) to the Maintenance and Operations rate (M&O), providing PISD with additional revenue. The tax “swap” provides a way to increase PISD’s funding from the state without increasing overall tax rate.

Vote for: improved safety and security.

Vote for: providing competitive salaries which improves retention and quality of teachers.

Vote for: additional mental health support.

Do not vote against our Pleasanton Independent School District and all the teachers, administrators and most of all the students. Do not vote against a better community. When you do not vote, you vote against. Voting will take only a few minutes out of your day but could make a lifetime of difference. This Saturday, August 25, is the last day to vote in the PISD Tax Ratification Election. Voting will be held at the Pleasanton ISD Central Office, 831 Stadium Drive, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The word “community” broken down to its roots is simply the union of the two words: “common unity.” It is my hope that this community unites for passing the tax ratification.

NOEL WILKERSON HOLMES is the Publisher of the Pleasanton Express. You may E-mail her at nwilkersonholmes@pleasantonexpress.com.

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