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Beginning next week, the Pleasanton Express will be expanding our Op-Ed page to include the Atascosa Republican Chairperson, Marianne Knowlton, and Atascosa Democratic Chairperson, Julie Hilberg.

The goal of this new feature in the Pleasanton Express is to give an equal voice to both local political parties in an effort to help educate, inform, and motivate the 26,000 registered voters in Atascosa County to get out and vote in the November election.

The unofficial number of Atascosa County votes for the candidates who will be in the run-off election for Texas Senate District 19 were Peter Flores, R, Pleasanton, 1013 with 64.40 percent of the vote and Pete Gallego, D, Alpine, 261 with 17.59 percent of the vote. Total number of votes in Atascosa County for the election including all candidates was 1,573. According to Janice Ruple, Elections Administrator, Atascosa County the canvassing of the votes will not be finalized until August 10. The date of the run-off election will be determined shortly after that time.

There are just a few simple rules of this opinion-editorial column. Speak only about your party and your platform. Do not speak out against the other party. Do not go over 400 words. The Pleasanton Express will flip a coin to see which chairperson receives the left top side the first week. After that the columns will alternate weekly so that the entire endeavor is 100 percent fair and balanced. I have also offered both parties an opportunity for the Pleasanton Express to help inform the public of all their public meetings. If they have fundraisers, those will be considered ads. The Pleasanton Express is excited for this new feature in our newspaper. I read this quote once but do not know where it originated. “You can either vote by voting or vote by not voting. If you do not vote, someone else’s vote counts more. It’s math.”

NOEL WILKERSON HOLMES is the Publisher of the Pleasanton Express. You may E-mail her at nwilkersonholmes@pleasantonexpress.com.

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