Letter to the Editor: Farm bill failsFree Access

Letter to the Editor: Farm bill fails

As a local farmer and rancher, I appreciate Congressman Will Hurd’s vote for the farm bill. It failed because of an unrelated issue, but there will be another vote soon. The farm bill is vital for keeping U.S. farmers and ranchers in business.  Farm income is down 52 percent from five years ago. Think about what losing half your income would mean to your family!

Farm income supports rural communities and jobs nationwide. If one link of the food supply chain breaks, the entire chain breaks.  Weather can affect farmers severely and without the crop insurance in the farm bill, one bad year could put a farmer out of business. The severe drought in Texas is having a major impact on farmers and the summer weather patterns are calling for record heat.

Farmers make up less than 2 percent of the U.S. population and yet we are expected to feed everyone. Without farmers and ranchers, our country will face an uncertain future. The farm bill helps our nation feed itself. A future without American-grown food will mean we are dependent on other nations for our food.

Pete J. Pawelek

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