Letter to the Editor: Caroline George

This letter addresses the censure by the ACRP CEC of Chairman Wayne Vaughn. One of the points in the censure was Chairman Vaughn entered into an agreement with the Democratic Party to host an event (Feast of Thanksgiving) without ACRP CEC approval. Chairman Vaughn contends he entered into the agreement as an individual without representing the ACRP. Therefore, he did not require ACRP approval. In every newspaper article, Mr. Vaughn uses his title “Chairman.” He was asked directly at the meeting of the ACRP Monday, Nov. 1 2021, if, when he uses the title of “Chairman,” he is asserting that he doesn’t represent the ACRP. His response was it depends on the circumstances. In other words, the determination whether the use of the term “Chairman” means he is representing the ACRP or whether he is not rests solely with him. That is not how it works. When Mr. Vaughn uses the term “Chairman”, he is always representing the ACRP, even when he does so without CEC approval or knowledge. That is the basis for that point in the censure. Serving Thanksgiving Dinner is unquestionably a worthy cause. The nature of the joint event is irrelevant. It could be any activity. Bottom line is Chairman Vaughn acted unilaterally. The ACRP CEC was never afforded the opportunity to approve this joint event. Such action exceeds Wayne Vaughn’s authority as ACRP Chairman. Thus, this point was included in the censure. Every member on the ACRP CEC agrees serving Thanksgiving Dinner is an extremely worthy cause. If Mr. Vaughn wants to represent himself only, with respect to Thanksgiving Dinner, he should not have used the term “Chairman.” Once he used his official title, he was representing the Party; unfortunately, however it was without the knowledge or approval of the CEC.

Caroline George
Secretary, ACRP

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  1. VICKIE ECKERT says:

    I saw the video of the meeting and it was appalling to watch. Every time Mr. Wayne Vaughn tried to answer he was interrupted by either Caroline George or Marian Knowlton. If Mr. Vaughn had gone to the CEC about the event would the CEC even approved it? I doubt it cause if you’re not a republican then your nothing in your eyes. This community has been through enough hatred and animosity over an election that is done and over. The people need to heal and show unity versus anger.

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