Letter to the Editor

Recently, I had the pleasure of giving a motivational speech to the students at Poteet High School and to three classes at Charlotte Jr. and High School.

I was very happy with the behavior and how receptive the students were.

I spoke on Civic Responsibility, Overcoming Obstacles, the Power of Reading, Breaking Down Barriers and Courtesy and Respect. Although my claim to fame was in politics (U.S. Senate nominee in 1996), I did not dwell on politics.

It had been awhile since I retired from teaching and motivational speaking, but the children made me feel comfortable and at home.

Congrats to the adults who made it possible: Poteet High School Principal Mr. Dominguez and teacher Ruth Olivares, and Charlotte Secondary Principal Ms. Brock, Counselor Mr. Harris and teachers Joshua Garza and Luis Lopez.

Go Aggies and Trojans!

Victor M. Morales

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