Letter to the Editor

Don’t mess with Texas

Don’t mess with Texas! We have heard the message and seen the signs.

We know to discard litter brings a fine.

So why do we see so much litter?

Are we too shallow to consider?

That we are ruining our planet–

Not just for us, think a minute.

Our children and grands are seeing our waste.

Shouldn’t we stop and check our haste?

Litter is trash.

There are cans for that.

Garbage cans are not an invention of new.

Can’t we wait a minute or two?

The house or office or even a park

Has a receptacle one could find in the dark.

We know they are there

For our litter to bear.

So wise up folks.

Trash is not a hoax.

Throw it away where it belongs

So we can sing a happier song.

We choose not to mess with Texas.

For today, tomorrow and what come next’us.”

Karen Longoria
Pleasanton, TX

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