Letter to the Editor

Stop and think about it!

W e are in the middle of a serious health crisis that seems to be getting worse after some measure of recovery. Everyone is sad over losses and very weary.

But we must not make doing what we can a political issue.

We have been a nation almost 250 years. The 20th century was the American century with all the progress in communications and transportation as well as the beautiful American music and art created.

We have a wonderful country and not doing small things like wearing a mask, social distancing and avoiding large crowds to make ourselves and our families, friends and neighbors safer seems ridiculous when you stop and think about it!

Being a good neighbor and a good citizen means cooperating for the good of all.

We may have hard times ahead and we will all have to do our part. We should extend a helping hand and say yes I will, not no I won’t. It is for the future of our country when you stop and think about it!

Ruth Drew

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