Letter to the City Council of Pleasanton

The petition drive concerning Pleasanton’s Community Center and Library will come to a close this Thursday night (January 5th) at the city council meeting.

The city council will be presented with over 500 signatures of qualified voters of Pleasanton who want their voices to be heard on two issues: 1) Design of the Community Center and Library, & 2) Partial closing of the 100 block of Main Street immediately in front of the Community Center/Library buildings.

As one of the petition circulators, I have learned firsthand that the majority of the people do care about the future of the community center and library and they very much want you, their council representatives, to listen to their input. I have also learned that the people of Pleasanton are very gracious and most of them are genuinely interested in hearing about the details of the council’s decisions which this petition seeks to change.

I sincerely ask that all of the representatives of the city council take the time and effort to reconsider their position on each issue based on the results of this petition.

My personal hope is that the council will re-approve the beautiful design of the Community Center and Library, with its stately col umns and overhangs, which would serve as an impressive “Gateway to Pleasanton.” This design does require the partial closing of the street right in front of these buildings, and while it may inconvenience some people, it will also result in two important benefits. It will increase the safety of all the patrons of these facilities by eliminating “thru traffic” right in front of the sidewalk on Main Street and it will also allow for consideration of an expanded plaza at some future date–a “town plaza” which would be available for the community to use 365 days of the year.

I believe that the people have spoken through this petition and I am hopeful that you, the council, will listen to what they are saying.

Sue Samsel


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