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If you’re reading this, I’m already 183 miles down the road in a Nike swoosh-like route in Wharton. But I’m not so far away, if you punch up the Space Jam soundtrack (brace yourself for the sequel with LeBron James).

This thing is more about where you are going than where I am going because it’s through this space that your story is told. Besides, I just watched McMullen County’s Caeli Taylor and Brenda Beyer and Pleasanton’s Dalton Hobbs and Caitlyn Nieschwitz in the state track meet. To see Taylor and Nieschwitz run against each other would be an interesting juxtaposition, since Nieschwitz makes it look so effortless while Taylor races with intensity.

I used to wish I could be a Siddartha in covering sports, that I could stoically observe the action and silently listen as you told me your story. But something happened since that overnight reading of the book “Siddartha” in college.

When I seem inured to feeling is the moment I am most vulnerable. While in Oklahoma, I told myself I could never enter the arena for an intertribal dance — until I did. Here, I walked around a field for the right camera angle, only to be affected by the entire Eagles women’s soccer team saying “hi” to me.

You have to recognize what special things are coming next year in Atascosa and McMullen Counties’ sports. Jourdanton was on the cusp this year in boys basketball, football and baseball while winning playoff games with a bunch of sophomores. Jarel Lilly will keep opening eyes for the next couple years. Taylor was a force this year running and balling for the Cowgirls and can accomplish more this year.

Pleasanton boys basketball and women’s soccer won tons of games while led by juniors, leaving the door open for big things next year. Charlotte football has plenty of promise with head coach Rene Ortega preparing for his second season after winning the first seven games in 2018.

As the end of the Arctic Monkeys song “Brainstorm” goes, “See ya later, innovator.”

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