Last week for Bulky/Brush pickup starts Monday

While Week 2 is winding down for Bulky/Brush pickup, the final week will be August 31-September 4.

Week 2: August 24-28 for the area west of Hwy. 281 to Bryant St. and south of Goodwin.

Week 3: August 31-September 4 for the area west of Bryant St. and north of Goodwin St. and may set out bulky waste now. For inquiries, contact 830-569-3867

The new guidelines are:

1. Piles shall not be placed at curbside more than 2 weeks prior to the pick-up time.

2. No more than 10 cubic yards piles per Residential Unit; resident may be subject to charges over 10 cubic yards (length x width x height = 270 cubic = 10 cubic yards).

3. Items excluded from pick-up are: hazardous waste, large dead animals, offal waste and special waste.

4. Piles placed shall be free from any obstacle that will prevent pick-up such as overhead power lines.

5. Residents combining piles shall notify the Community Development Services Dept. prior to pick-up to prevent additional charges for having more than 10 cubic yard (Contact: Jesse Flores at 830-569-3867 ext. 223).

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