Kaufman named 2016 Officer of the Year

Robbie L. Hamby | Pleasanton Express
Atascosa County Sheriff’s Deputy Daniel Kaufman was named Officer of the Year at the annual ACLEOA banquet. The award was presented by Sue Brown, Editor of the Pleasanton Express.

At the 42nd annual Atascosa County Law Enforcement Officer Association’s banquet, Atascosa County Sheriff’s Deputy Kaufman was named the 2016 Officer of the Year.

He received the award after a barbecue chicken dinner at the Jourdanton Community Center last Wednesday, September 6.

The dinner was catered by Pumpco Services.

This award is presented in memory of two Atascosa County Deputies, Aerl Jernigan and Luis Garza, who lost their lives in the performance of their duties.

Deputy Aerl L. Jernigan was killed on December 21, 1975 while answering a disturbance call in the Primrose area of northern Atascosa County.

Deputy Luis Garza was killed along with his wife, Elida, after being kidnapped on July 19, 1973 near Charlotte.

Officer Kaufman was presented the award by Sue Brown, Editor of the Pleasanton Express. The Express has sponsored the award since 1987.

His nomination follows:


Deputy Daniel Kaufman

Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office

Being a public servant tends to shine a light on you wherever you go. Actions speak louder than words as it always has been said.  It is no surprise then when someone acts in an impressive way it is noticed. It may be noticed by many or noticed by only a few. At times we are the only ones that notice it. In this profession we do that quite often, but we do not mind. We do it for the love of the job and not the glory.

Deputy Kaufman has been with the Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office for approximately three and half years. He goes to work, does his job and goes home every night. But he is more than that. There are many of us who possess a set of special skills, a better understanding of a basic skill than others may have. Deputy Kaufman understands electricity and its many forms. Whether it is fixing a short at home, or an appliance, to installing and fixing equipment in his fellow deputies patrol units. A patrol unit is probably one of the most essential pieces of equipment an officer or deputy can possess. Without it getting places would be impossible. They guard the deputies and officers from Mother Nature’s elements.

When Deputy Kaufman receives a call from one of his fellow deputies about their equipment malfunctioning or it needing a tune up, he does not hesitate in helping them out.

His mentality is about what he can do to make his department better, for them and for the community. That is why Deputy Kaufman partnered with the Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office used his Veteran Benefits to acquire a K9 for the county’s use. He researched the subject and presented the sheriff with the pertinent information to set up the K9 program. Deputy Kaufman then attended two weeks of training to become a handler. Deputy Kaufman successfully completed the training and now he and his partner Gerben are working to make Atascosa County a better place.

The Pleasanton Express is honored to assist in the selection process and sponsoring the plaque for the Officer of the Year.

Also recognized at the banquet were the recipients of the Thomas Monse, Mark Stephenson and Terry Miller Memorial Scholarship Awards.

This year recipients were Patrick Garza, Poteet High School graduate and Will Soward, Jourdanton High School graduate.

Robbie L. Hamby | Pleasanton Express
The Atascosa County Law Enforcement Officers Association gave out the Thomas Monse,Mark Stephenson and Terry Miller Memorial Scholarships to two area graduates. Recipients of the award are JHS graduate Will Soward and Poteet graduate Patrick Garcia, both are away at college and were unable to attend. Pictured. left to right, are ACLEOA President Albert Garza, and Will Soward’s parents Frances and Sheriff David Soward.

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