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Meet the Thrivent team, left to right: Deborah Steubing, Erica Montoya and Karly Hoerig. All three are Financial Associates. COURTESY PHOTO

Meet the Thrivent team, left to right: Deborah Steubing, Erica Montoya and Karly Hoerig. All three are Financial Associates. COURTESY PHOTO

Karly Hoerig is a resource for all things financial. Hoerig is an associate with Thrivent, a not-for-profit membership organization made up of Christians.

She highlighted, “We are slightly different than your average financial institution, so generosity is a huge part of what we do.”

Hoerig graduated with a Bachelor of Finance in 2017, began her career with Thrivent shortly following graduation and received her master’s degree in 2019.

Hoerig offers financial services such as financial planning, investments, insurance, managing accounts and more. Financial planning helps clients look at the big picture and prepare for hardships that may arise in the future.

Regarding financial planning, Hoerig stated, “Basically, we create a GPS for them on their financial journey, because there are going to be roadblocks and road bumps.”

She further stated that financial planning is de- signed to alleviate those bumps in the road.

Not only does Hoerig service the San Antonio area, but she works with a large portion of South Texas from Victoria down to Corpus Christi. She checks in with clients throughout their financial journey, and financial planning clients meet at least annually to assess their plan and make small tweaks along the way.

Hoerig pointed out, “In the financial world, things change as we have all seen here in 2020.”

In addition to typical financial services, Hoerig and her colleagues host a very fun, creative workshop called “Financial Conversations with Women Happy Hour.” This event is a collaborative workshop held via Zoom the third Thursday of every month.

Hoerig stated, “We wanted to create a safe space for women to come talk and ask questions.”

She further pointed out, “We cover a wide variety of topics. How finances for women are different than men, for the first thing, and how we have to plan differently.”

This conversation is designed to allow women to ask questions about investments, healthcare, retirement or seek any sort of financial advice in a safe, small and supportive environment.

The workshop is open to all ages, but has a max capacity of 16 simply because the conversation is collaborative, and they want to make sure everyone gets to participate. Hoerig and her colleagues do keep a running list, so if you do not get into the first month, you will be top pick for the following.

The Alamo Associates also sponsors and donates to a nonprofit every month. This month is the Martinez Street Women’s Center. They tried to pick a nonprofit that correlates both with breast cancer awareness and Hispanic Heritage Month.

If you would like to RSVP for the next Financial

Conversations with Women Happy Hour or are interested in Karly Hoerig’s financial services, call 210- 477-8801 or email alamoassociates@thrivent.com.

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