Juvenile Diabetes – Let’s cure this

Ask any parent what they were doing when they either thought their child could be diabetic or when their fears were confirmed and they will know it down to the minute and detail.

Now ask those parents how they manage their child’s disease and they will attest that it is a 24/7 commitment for their Type 1 Diabetic child’s well being.

I’ve been around some TD1 children first hand and know their parents well. The lows and the highs are extremely scary at times.

A few years ago I was able to interview Libby Kemp, daughter of Laura and Jess Kemp. She had just received her Diabetic Alert Dog, Rumor, and her parents were almost able to sleep through the night. Almost.

Rumor can sense low or high blood sugar before it becomes dangerous. She then would go to wake up Libby’s parents.

This ensures that issues are handled quickly instead of setting an alarm to check your child.

And then there is that. They are constantly checking blood glucose levels. Laura once posted a photo of Libby’s fingers on Facebook. You could seen the numerous pricks from the many testings she would do throughout the day.

This family, as many others, are always “on”.

Libby is active in sports and that, too, can affect her levels, but that risk doesn’t deter her from experiencing a semi-normal childhood.

She has attended the Texas Lions Camp in the summers in Kerrville that has special sessions just for TD1  kids. They have doctors and nurses plus all the medication needed for the kids.

I remember Laura stating that was one of the first times that she was able to sleep through the night without worrying.

The way I see it,  today, we were all encouraged to wear blue. The symbol for the World Diabetes Day is a blue circle – the color of the sky and the cirlce for unity. Let’s unite for a cure. Also, please take a look throughout this issue to see the local support of TD1 students at Pleasanton ISD

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