Just between you and me or I’ll make you famous

To protect Rocketman's identity he is being portrayed by the late Andy Gibb.

To protect Rocketman’s identity he is being portrayed by the late Andy Gibb.

Working at the paper means I have an all access pass to print a picture of you for the whole world (o.k. Atascosa County) to see.


My oldest has a birthday next week and informed me repeatedly that he does not want to see his face in print again. Alright, I get it.


See, I learned my lesson years back…I hadn’t been here too long, when someone (who shall remain nameless-it doesn’t help that I truly have no clue how to spell his name correctly) had a birthday. And I had access to a great photo.
Let’s just say he twern’t thrilled. The photo didn’t even show his face, and I didn’t put his name on the ad. It was just a great picture of him diving into a lake. All it said was “Happy Birthday Rocketman”…Because he looked like a rocket.
He saw no humor, I actually think he saw red. The ad should have said “Happy Birthday Angryman”.
But lesson learned.
Other than for my children or my husband I never put any ads in (before, but especially after that incident) that I don’t have permission to put in.
I have been here almost 8 years now and I am often told by friends and acquaintances when having a conversation, “Don’t put this in the paper” or “You’re not going to put this in the paper are you?”
So, I just want to assure y’all, I will not put in who got a new job, I will not put in who got divorced, I will not put who was rumored to have done something tacky, mean or wrong. I just won’t. We don’t put in gossip. We do try to put in facts concerning Atascosa County and a bit of what life is like in South Texas.
I love seeing local kids smiling faces when they are photographed and placed in the paper for a winning achievement. It’s those things that make a small town newspaper a precious gem.
The Pleasanton Express is a great place to work and I promise not to put in all your dark secrets in print…Now, the same can’t be said for facebook….or my blog;)




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