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Last week, I criticized the University of Texas’ hiring of Alabama Offensive Coordinator

Steve Sarkisian to fill the vacancy left by Tom Herman’s firing.

I stand by that criticism and that the quick hiring felt forced.

However, is Sarkisian the right guy for Texas? Ask any Longhorn fan and they’ll tell you yes.

During his time at Alabama, he has proven to be a man of principle on the field. Alabama was one of the most potent offenses in the country this season and that led them to the sixth national championship during Nick Saban’s 16-year tenure in Tuscaloosa. They were second in the country in points per game with an average of 48.5 this season. In terms of total offense, they were sixth in the country, averaging 535 yards per game. Oh, and they were fifth in the country in passing with 349 yards per game.

In Monday night’s championship game against Ohio State, the Crimson Tide put up 52 points and 621 yards of total offense. Not bad for a team touting the 2020 Heisman winner DeVonta Smith (and finalist Mac Jones). Alabama was just littered with weapons this year, much like LSU was a year ago.

“Bring all of these plays. I mean all of them,” one Longhorn fan wrote on Twitter last night as Smith and Najee Harris combined for six total touchdowns and 377 yards of total offense. Somehow, Sarkisian’s route concepts were getting Smith matched up with linebackers and the 6-foot-1 receiver made them pay to the tune of 215 yards. It made Ohio State look as if they didn’t prepare

There is no question that Sarkisian can do well with the right tools around him. Alabama consistently has one of the top recruiting classes each and every year. There is a question as to if he can, on some scale, replicate that on the 40 Acres.

In order to do that, he has to assemble a coaching staff to rival that school up north, Oklahoma. The Sooners, along with countless other Power 5 schools, have poached some of the state’s best players away from the flagship university of the state. A good coaching staff can avert that travesty.

“We’re doing good,” Sarkisian said to Austin American-Statesman reporters on Sunday in regards to filling his staff.

Rumors have been swirling that Sarkisian will bring Offensive Line coach Kyle Flood with him from Alabama. The Crimson Tide placed two offensive linemen on the Associated Press All-America team this year and only allowed 19 sacks in 13 regular season games this year.

If the rumors are true, Sarkisian could prove to be

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