Judge Hurley updates County projects, initiatives

Atascosa County Judge Bob Hurley

Atascosa County Judge Bob Hurley

I asked Atascosa County Judge Bob Hurley for an update on projects, initiatives progressing in the county.

Judge Hurley said, “We have the rough computer draft of an updated personnel manual, which will be ready to be reviewed by Commissioner’s Court in about two weeks. The Committee will be going over it. This has been a long process that we started last March.

“Also we have the rough computer draft of the County Animal Control Ordinance that will be ready for review in a few weeks. The Sheriff, the AACO (Atascosa Animal Control Officer) and myself have been working on this for several months. That should ready for review in a few weeks.

“We will then send both to each Commissioner for their review. Then, I suggest a workshop for the Commissioners to do a final review for passage.”

Judge Hurley continued, “Investigator James Boyd (of the County Attorney’s Office) and Sheriff David Soward have been working on getting Atascosa County into processing ‘Mobil Digital Forensics Technology’ (removing data from criminal suspects cell phones). They are doing a great job getting us started. I have recently been appointed to the AACOG Executive Committee and I made a presentation at the last meeting to see if AACOG would be interested in adding this to their Criminal Justice Division and I received a very favorable response. I proposed that AACOG fund and establish regional offices in the rural counties to provide this service to itself and neighboring counties and their law enforcement agencies at no charge. It should be on the AACOG Board Agenda for February.”

“We are concluding the audio and sound upgrade to our District Courtroom and it is working very well, said Judge Hurley, “I have become part of the Texas Association of Counties ‘Core Legislative Group’ and hope to be an effective voice for our county’s legislative needs.”

Judge Hurley added, “Our signs for compliance with the new ‘open carry law’ should be ready by next week. Our Commissioner’s Court Order is in place and we are in compliance, and it is not necessary to put signs on offices that already restrict from ‘concealed’ or ‘open’ carry by Penal Code 46.03, but we are going the extra consideration to mark the buildings and offices with signs so a permit holder will not mistakenly go in the wrong office.”

“Our construction projects are continuing and we are making progress on the plans for the Justice Center, the remodel on JP3 building and the County Animal Shelter,” concluded Judge Hurley.

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