Jourdanton VFD BBQ at park in MayFree Access

At the Jan. 28 Jourdanton City Council meeting, members unanimously approved use of the Jourdanton City Park for the Jourdanton Volunteer Fire Department BBQ Cook-off on Friday-Saturday, May 17 and 18.

Comprising the council are Jack R. Harrison, Chester Gonzales, Mayor Robert “Doc” Williams, Raul “Roy” Morales, Karen Pesek and Johnetta “Johnnie” Goetzel.

Jourdanton Volunteer Firemen Jeff Rankin and Tommy Tymrak spoke to council about their annual fundraiser. This year they will accept a maximum of 35 teams for the event. They discussed the possibility of having a band perform, as well as having arts and crafts vendors, since they want to bring in more Jourdanton residents. Rankin said they may serve hamburgers or hot dogs, or have a BBQ plate sale, as an addition to the event.

Council member Karen Pesek suggested having a non-profit come in, such as Project Graduation or a similar group. This would allow them to raise money and would also bring in others to the event. “We would like to incorporate some of that, but we have to get the facility first. The barbecue teams are sanctioned so we’ve got to get everything approved, but we are looking at ways to try and increase our revenue,” said Tommy Tymrak.

Other business

Council approved: •Designating authorized signatories for contractual documents for requesting funds pertaining to the Texas Community Development Block Grant Program. Abstaining from voting was council member Goetzel. •Council unanimously approved the ordinance regarding Article 1.17, titled permits, projects and vested rights; providing for severability and providing for an effective date. •Unanimously adopting a resolution to establish Civil Rights Plans and Policies for the city in relation to the Texas Community Development Block Grant Program. •Unanimously awarding a franchise contract within the City of Jourdanton to Waste Management of Texas for the collection and disposal of solid waste, authorizing the mayor to execute the contract, setting forth general specifications establishing rates for collection of solid waste. •Unanimously adopting an ordinance to accept recyclables, brush and bulky items at the city yard of Lillian Avenue. •Unanimously adopted the resolution, which approves the City Manager Performance Evaluation Form.

Citizen’s Comments

During Citizen’s Comments, Patricia J. Elizabeth Tymrak-Daughtrey approached council about #14: “Discussion and possible action to adopt an Ordinance regarding salary increases for the city council members.” “Mayor, did you say you were pulling that off the record, because we have always been a voluntary council. No one has ever gotten paid until Larry Pryor became Mayor,” Tymrak-Daughtrey said. Then she commented that council was already getting free air ambulance service, which council member Gonzales said was not true, and that he can make sure of that. “Okay, that’s good,” said Tymrak-Daughtrey.

City manager Lamar Schulz did later clairfy, “The council is not covered by the air ambulance. Council never was covered by such a service.”

Tymrak-Daughtrey added, “I do not believe that anybody should be getting paid. I would accept no money and I have said that from the beginning. Certain people want to have a little income on the side to increase their income or whatever, but traditionally, we have always been volunteer and that’s a fact.” Agenda item #14 was later pulled from the agenda.

Tymrak-Daughtrey then spoke on the two closed session items, regarding pending or contemplated litigation on A.) Discussion and update regarding Irene Hernandez Ruiz and IJ RV Park, LLC v. City of Jourdanton: Mayor Williams and council members Harrison, Morales, Goetzel, Pesek; Debbie Molina and Kendall Schorsch, in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas, San Antonio Division and B.) Discussion and update regarding City of Jourdanton Plaintiff, vs. Slay Engineering/Texas Multi-Chem/Huser Construction LLC and North American Specialty Insurance Company, Defendants. On item A, Tymrak-Daughtrey asked council to stop trying to cover up the city’s negligence and liability in this issue, and to just settle it and be kind to Ruiz. “As to Slay Engineering, nowhere has it been mentioned, on Nov. 25, I left this townhall meeting and I’m wondering which of you council members have been kept informed. I went straight over to the Courthouse to look at the file, and guess what? On Sept. 18, the city had been counter-sued by Cody Pools. The citation had already been delivered and returned to the District Clerk and nothing about that was ever mentioned in this room. And Cody Pools, when you check them out on the Internet, you’ll find out they have customers who are complaining and suing and taking two years to get any resolution for their problems,” said Tymrak-Daughtrey. She added that there will be no pool as projected at the end of the summer.

“The legal documents in no way that I can see, will even elude to that and some of you know how to read them. My question is are you all being kept informed, or is it just the mayor or is it just Lamar Schulz like Dan Nick, or Mr. Santee who is making the decision.”

Mayor Williams said her time was up and Tymrak-Daughtrey said she was asking council to do something that’s right for the city.

Tommy Tymrak spoke to council on the Board of Appeals item and #15: Discussion and possible action to adopt an ordinance to accept recyclables, brush and bulky items at the city yard of Lillian Avenue. He said he remembered when the city bought that property and part of the deed said that it could not be used as a trash facility. He asked that the city manager or someone else follow up and look into that deed and whether it is being violated or not.

“The next thing I wanted to mention, it was mentioned by Patsy about air ambulance service. Was that policy bought for the employees? I would ask that it be extended to the active firefighters, not just on duty. They are covered by workman’s comp, on duty. But they are volunteers. They are actually working for the city. It would be nice if it would include them. We’ve had two firefighters that had to be Air Lifted out of here and from what I understand, the bill was like $100,000 each. For a volunteer, to be able to do that, that is pretty tough,” said Tymrak.

He was not sure what the insurance was going to cover.

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