Jourdanton Police continues to crack down on drugs

Saturday afternoon was notaagoodonefortwo individuals who encountered Jourdanton Police. At around 5 p.m. Officer Mari Magana was conducting a routine traffic stop near STRMC and discovered that the driver of the vehicle, Kyle Forsyth was driving with out a valid driver’s license.

As is customary, police identified everyone in the vehicle and learned that a passenger, John Hodgson, had an active arrest warrant out of Wilson County for Theft (from the elderly enhanced) and another for a probation violation.

Officer Magana requested an additional officer at her location and was assisted by Atascosa County Deputy Sheriff Tzu-Chi Chia.

As Officer Magana continued her conversation with Hodgson she discovered that he was allegedly concealing methamphetamine in a plastic bag in his pocket. A pipe used to smoke methamphetamine was also discovered in Hodgson’s pants.

Jourdanton Police have been focusing extra attention on catching those who sell and possess illicit and illegal drugs this spring and have made numerous arrests during what has been dubbed the “2016 Spring Drug Offensive”. According to the Jourdanton Police Department Facebook page, JPD Officers will continue into the month of May concentrating extra resources tracking down those who perpetrate drug crimes.

Chief Eric Kaiser stated, “Not only do drugs damage the individuals who uses them, but the trafficking of drugs typically brings higher rates of property crime and domestic violence in its wake. Our goal is to rid our city, to whatever degree possible, of those who bring these problems to Jourdanton and Atascosa County.” Chief Kaiser praised the excellent work of Officer Magana as well as Deputy Chia and the Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office.

The possession of methamphetamine in a quantity from 4 to 200 grams is a second degree felony and upon conviction can carry a penalty of up to 20 years in state prison and/or a $10,000 fine.

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