Jourdanton looks to 3D mapping

Brian Shirley, President for the 3cGEO mapping system, addressed the Jourdanton City Council with a proposal for 3-D mapping of the City. His company is 12 years old, they have three full time staff and many contract employees.

The best way to describe the mapping is to think of Google maps with the city’s water lines, streets, sewer lines, fire hydrants and other such information laid over it. They currently have 25 cities using this, with populations from 2,200 to 35,000. Parcel boundaries, flood plains and zoning areas can all be included in the maps.

Their staff maintains the information, updates it when necessary and is available for immediate resolution if called by a customer. They work with river authorities and use state and federal sources, too. This comprehensive information is best used for the staff, for planning purposes, Planning and Zoning issues and emergency issues.

There is a flat fee for the installation and a monthly fee for upkeep. The city has the ability to lock down information for just staff or even just certain members of staff, for public safety or allow the public into all or certain levels. Photos, financial records and even outside links can be incorporated into the information.

Because most of the basic information is already digitized for Jourdanton, the base charge, showing a savings of $5,000, would be $30,000 with a monthly fee of $350. Total for a two year contract would be $38,600.

Interim City Manager, Eric Kaiser said that there is definite value in the system- having data at your fingertips, rather than having to dig through several sources. However, it is a matter of prioritizing in the budget, which will be examined over the next few months. Shirley did say that this would work with any desktop, notebook or tablet, but not smart phones, yet. No action was taken.

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