Jourdanton Jr. High Tennis competes against Poteet

The Jourdanton Jr. High Tennis team competed against Poteet on Monday April 19th. Jourdanton was very successful winning every match against the Aggies. Here is a look at the results: 8th Grade Girls Singles: Marisol Criado won 6-0, Mackenzie Shelton won 6-0. 8th Grade Boys Singles: Aaron Jupe won 6-1. 8th Grade Girls Doubles: Marisol Criado and Joanna Velazquez won 6-0, Celeste Gonzales and Joanna Velazquez won 6-0. 8th Grade Boys Doubles: Ben Uribe and Matthew Fanno won 6-5, Ross Reynolds and His Partner Won 1-0 (Called Due To Weather). 7th Grade Girls Singles: Kim Luco won 6-0, Kendall Brashear won 6-0. 7th Grade Boys Singles: Chase Murphy Won 6-3,Robert Kinsel Won 6-0. 7th Grade Girls Doubles: Sarah Daughtry and Marina Aguilar won 6-5, Bailey Burkholder and Shelys Miranda won 6-0 and 6-2, Sydney Higginbotham and Shelys Miranda won 6-0,Victoria Mulcahy and Kim Luco won 6-1. 7th Grade Boys Doubles: Gavin Mendez and Jacob Fanno won 6-2, Jacob Fanno and Amador Lugo Won 6-5, Adrian Lugo and Jacob Fanno won 5-1.


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