Jourdanton ISD School Board holds meeting

Jourdanton ISD held their regular meeting on Monday, April 8. After the invocation was given by Mary Ramirez, Elementary student Hixon Wiatrek lead the pledges.

Consent Agenda

The approval of the last meeting’s minutes, the Business Office report and the payment of the bills were on the consent agenda. The financial report showed money market account of $8,755,202.19 and Lone Star Investment account of $1,503,615.56 for a total of $10,383,389.23. Tax collection was $148,336.37 for the month and year-to-date total is $9,732,118.94. Checks written for the month were $919,528.37. a motion was made by Lanny Wheeler to approve as presented. Philip Netardus seconded. Motion passed unanimously with Mary Ramirez, Vance Jupe, Rita Munoz and Amador Lugo voting in favor. Payment of the conflict of interest bills passed with President Barbara Peeler abstaining.

Other Business

Because of all the Spring banquets being held in May, Superintendent Theresa McAllister requested that the regular meeting be moved to May 6. Motion passed unanimously. The trustees also approved the Vision, Mission, Strategic Priorities and Student Performance Goals for the upcoming school year.

Closed Session

The board went into closed session at 7:38 p.m. to discuss Personnel matters, including renewal of contracts for teachers, counselors, nurse as well as the assistant superintendent, campus administrators, athletic director and business manager. They would also discuss and consult with the attorney regarding the proposed nonrenewal of a term contract teacher.

Upon returning at 10:23 p.m., motions were made to renew the contracts as recommended by McAllister. Both passed, with Lugo abstaining. A motion was made to not renew the contract of Jovan Yaws and send her written notification, as required by law. The board would have representation from Walsh, Gallegos Attorneys to advise and assist with this issue.

Meeting adjourned at 10:28 p.m.

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