Jourdanton ISD hears update on construction, problems at ACAD

KC Club report given by students

The Jourdanton KC Club was recognized during the April 11 Jourdanton ISD board meeting. Left to right are Emma Lugo, Cayci Dillard, Jason Dillard, Aurora Green and Laurie Kubish. The students gave a report on the club which promotes kindness and compassion.

The Jourdanton KC Club was recognized during the April 11 Jourdanton ISD board meeting. Left to right are Emma Lugo, Cayci Dillard, Jason Dillard, Aurora Green and Laurie Kubish. The students gave a report on the club which promotes kindness and compassion.

The Jourdanton ISD board meeting opened with student recognition of the KC Club (Kindness and Compassion Club).

Students presented posters to explain the various activities the club does – within the school and outside the school. The club focuses on respect, kindness, compassion, taking up for people, not bullying etc. Addressing the board were Aurora Green, Laurie Kubish, Emma Lugo, Cayci Dillard and Jason Dillard. The students meet once a month and are sponsored by the following teachers – Korus, Kemp and Kelly.

Board members in attendance were President Barbara Peeler (District 6), Vice President Tricia Taylor (District 2), Secretary Mary Y. Ramirez (District 4), Vance Jupe (District 1), Phillip Netardus (District 3), Amador Lugo (District 5) and Lanny Wheeler (District 7).

Construction Updates

Superintendent Theresa McAllister gave an update on the ongoing construction – especially the football field. She reported that the field will have some type of turf ready for the graduation commencement – it may not be the permanent turf – but it will be ready. There will also be home bleachers for the ceremony. She added that the capacity has been increased from 1,100 to almost 1,500.

She then turned over the meeting to Michael Martinez, architect with PBK. He shared schematics of the new Agri-Science Complex, Showbarn and the new Transportation Building.

Atascosa County Appraisal District

Lewis Lem, JISD’s representative to the Atascosa County Appraisal District, gave a report on the problems that have arisen at the ACAD office building. He and other representatives are visiting all of the taxing entities to inform them on the hazardous conditions. Plumbing, electrical and now asbestos issues plus some problems with handicapped accessibility. A move may be in the future, depending on the decisions that will be made and the results of the asbestos tests. He reported that about $97,000 worth of repairs are needed to bring the building back to code. The value of the building is about $117,000 making the repairs about 91 percent of the building’s value.

Food Service Management

Representatives from Southway Foods, the food service management business for the district, gave a presentation on three different contracts. They were excited to report of the different choices and the feedback they received from the students. Some of the new choices were Chinese food, Italian food, barbecue, Mexican food and delicatessen type submarine sandwiches.

The board voted to accept the contract in the amount of $202,000 where the food managers will have the same amount of paid days, but there will be three less days for all of the other workers. The other options were $208,000 and $213,000.

Transfer Policy/ Electricity

The board unanimously approved the current transfer policy as written and will continue to accept transfer students.

The district was approached by ADK Solutions LLC to change their vendor. The current rate through Energy for Schools is .04495 cents per KWH. ADK offered .0412 cents per KWH through AmeriPower. The board approved switching to AmeriPower for a three -year contract beginning June 2017.

District Goals

The goals were reviewed back in March. There are also objectives to be reviewed after the goals are set. The goals were adjusted to read:

1. Provide a high quality educational environment that promotes excellence for all students.

2. Maintain a safe, orderly, respectful, and drug-free educational environment.

3. Effectively and appropriately capitalize on instructional resources that enhance the learning environment and improve district effectiveness.

4. Provide opportunities to work in partnership by supporting District and Community goals.

The board voted unanimously to approve Budget Amendment 003 to increase the estimated budget revenues and to increase budget appropriations. Supt. McAllister explained that with the fluctuation of the valuations the amount changed. Business Manager Angie Balazi said the estimates received were lower, but funds received from the 2014-15 offset the shortage.

Closed Session

The meeting then recessed at 9:49 p.m. to discuss district employees, staffing issues, consider recommendation to approve professional contracts for teacher(s), counselor(s) and the nurse.

The board approved the recommendation to hire a reading and intervention teacher and special eduction teacher as presented.

They also approved the recommendation of the professional contracts as presented during the closed session.

Superintendent’s Report

Supt. McAllister reported that Vivian Howell and Donna Wilson are both retiring. She also shared that Rita Lugo won first place in her FCCLA competition.

The sports banquet will be held on Monday, May 9. The board meeting will be moved to May 2 to allow board members to attend.

The Jr. High had a motivational speaker, Eric Bostick, address the students prior to the STAAR testing.

The Jr. High will also have a One-Act Play that will be performing on May 21.

She then shared Coach Andrus’ report of the power lifting teams successes.

Several Stand2Learn desks have been purchased as well as the rubber type bands to add to desks legs.

She then shared the 2016 preliminary taxable values from the appraisal district. They are $847,179,685. The freeze adjusted taxable value is $825,379,107. The budget for next year will be using those figures.

The meeting adjourned at 11:12 p.m.

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