Jourdanton holds town hall meeting

The Jourdanton City Council held a Special Town Hall Meeting on Monday, April 22. The meeting was held to discuss the Infrastructure Improvement Projects for 2019-2020, which impact all citizens who use City water or drive the local streets. One person showed up to get information on the City’s future plans.

Mayor Robert “Doc” Williams, councilmembers Jack Harrison, Chester Gonzales, Karen Pesek and Johnetta (Johnie) Goetzel listened as City Manager Lamar Schulz and City Engineer Tom Turk presented the projects. Raul Roy Morales was not in attendance.

The Water Project, which was submitted to the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) on March 1, 2019 included: drilling well #4; building a 500,000 gallon elevated storage tank; building two 300,000 gallon ground storage tanks at the new well and at the Wittler Well and lay a 12” water line between well #4 and Peach Well ground storage tank. This project would add 1.1 million gallons of water storage. Project total is $6,843,114.00.

The Wastewater Project includes: replacing the Tamarac Lift Station; repairing the Treatment Plant Wet Well due to the development of a major problem and installing manholes and laying sewer line to the Olive Street Lift Station. Project total is $2,494,713.00.

The Sidewalk Project would provide for coverage on both sides of Highway 16 from Highway 97 to Tamarac, providing safe routes to school. Project total is $158,066.00.

The Street Improvement Project includes: Jiffy Boulevard from Highway 97 through intersection at Lillian Avenue; the entire length of La Garde /street Peach Street from Highway 97 to La Garde; Jourdanton Avenue from Highway 97 through intersection with E Street; Elm Street from Highway 16 through intersection at Campbell Avenue; Tamarac Street from Highway 16 to County Road 438 and Cantrell Avenue between Tamarac and Fig Street and Mc Dowell Avenue between Beech and Oak Street and Oak Street from McDowell to Highway 97. Project cost is $2,961,291.14. The streets were chosen due to the significant amount of traffic, especially large truck traffic on these roads.

If the TXDOT grant is funded, the City will only have to pay 20% match.

During the Special Called Meeting that preceded the Town Hall Meeting, the council held a public hearing on the voluntary annexation for a new subdivision. The only comments were from the builders of the subdivision.

Council also voted to join the Texas SmartBuy Membership Program in order to save money on electricity for various City facilities.

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