Jourdanton FFA attends contest at Peeler Ranch

Serah Kate Blair | Jourdanton FFA
Jourdanton FFA members pictured, left to right, first row: Ty Smoot, Jenny Vrana, Madison Yow, Cort Hindes, Kim Mueller, Cladi Munoz, Hunter Rankin, Mason Vick, Molly Netardus, Erin Soward, Haley Wilkins, Ethan Jenson, Antonio Cavasos. 2nd Row: Kayla Rodriquez, Sidney Morneau, Emma Roach, Weston Eisenhauer, Brett Berg, Addison Stendebach, Claire Vyvlecka, Faith Aldaz, Kristen Mueller, Sydney Briones, Cody Shearrer, Kelly House, Carli Foster, Jacob Nixon, Micheal Howard, Jack Fournier, Jaxon Smithey. 3rd row: Brooke Vyvlecka, Serah Kate Blair, Laney Korus, Taylor Rankin, Toccoa Cochrane, Brooke Burkholder, Jaylynn Valdez and Joey Dickey.


The Jourdanton FFA chapter competed at the Wintergarden District CDE contest at the Peeler Ranch on Wednesday, September 27. The four different teams the members competed in were Land, Range, Plant ID and Homesite Evaluation.

The Chapter Farmer Land team placed 18th overall. The Chapter Farmer Land alternate team placed 9th. Hunter Rankin placed 2nd and Carli Foster placed 6th overall. Other team members were Jaylynn Valdez, Sydney Briones, Molly Netardus, Joey Dickey, Spencer Thomas, and Cladi Munoz. The Greenhand Land judging team placed 8th, and the Greenhand Alternates placed 17th. Sidney Morneau placed 3rd, and Kristin Mueller placed 12th overall. Team members all included Addison Stendebach, Jacob Nixon, and Ethan Jensen.

The Chapter Farmer Range team placed 2nd overall. Mason Vick placed 2nd, Toccoa Cochrane placed 5th, Abbie Lanier placed 7th, and Brooke Burkholder placed 18th.

The Alternate Chapter Farmer Range team placed 3rd. Cort Hindes placed 4th and Micheal Klumb placed 10th. Madison Lutz placed 24th. The Greenhand Range team placed 1st. Michael Howard placed 1st, Ty Smoot placed 2nd, Eric Alvarado placed 6th, and Weston Eisenhauer placed 9th. The Chapter Farmer plant ID team placed 4th overall. Haley Wilkins placed 8th and Laney Korus placed 15th. Other team members included Erin Soward, Madeleine Ducote, and Natalie Miranda. The Greenhand Plant ID team placed 2nd. Madison Yow placed 2nd and Emma Roach placed 6th. Jordan Wallace and Brett Berg also competed in Plant ID.

The Homesite Evaluation Chapter Farmer team placed 2nd overall. Kelly House placed 1st, Ryan Ortiz placed 5th, Jaxon Smithey placed 6th, Serah Kate Blair placed 8th, Taylor Rankin placed 11th, and Brooke Vyvlecka placed 13th. Other team members included Kim Mueller and Cody Shearrer. The Greenhand Homesite Team placed first overall and the alternate team placed 6th. Claire Vyvlecka placed 1st, Rene Ortiz placed 3rd, Jenny Vrana placed 5th, and Faith Aldaz placed 13th. Other team members included Kayla Rodriquez, Karoline Barton, and Antonio Cavasos.

All 1st and 2nd place recipients in the Chapter Farmer division received a scholarship from the Peeler’s. The Jourdanton FFA Chapter attended the Area X CDE contest on Wednesday, October 4.

Thank you to the Peelers for hosting the successful contest and supporting the youth of the FFA.

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