Jourdanton Council starts process on sports complex

The regular meeting of the Jourdanton City Council was held on October 20, with all present: Mayor Susan Netardus, Donnie Blue, Robert “Doc” Williams, Raul Morales, Patsy Tymrak-Daughtrey and Chester Gonzales.

The main item of business was on the proposed sports complex, which includes baseball and softball fields and the swimming pool. Mark McLiney from Southwest Securities presented a resolution for the city to approve that would allow for the publication of notice of intention to issue certificates of obligation, complying with the requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Funds for the complex will come from the Hotel Occupancy Tax and the bonds will be paid from those monies. The interest rate will be presented at the December meeting. Notice must be published twice in the newspaper, with a project description. Authorization for the bonds will not be given until the December 15 meeting. The resolution presented now is just giving authorization to advertise and proceed. It was emphasized that no ad valorem taxes will be used to pay this. The bond would be for 10 years, but the city would be able to pay it off early, with no penalty. Tymrak wanted to know where the drawings were and what amounts were to be spent and on what. City Attorney Habib Erkan explained that she was getting ahead of the process. To get the drawings, they would need to have the design/build contract in place first. The estimate foe the bond comes from the City Engineer. In other words, they have to have money before the design/build process can give an accurate dollar amount. Williams moved to approve the resolution to be published; Blue seconded. Motion passed with Tymrak voting negative.

A special use permit was granted to Leonardo and Felicitas Gonzalez to move a manufactured home to 1211 Pecan Street. Morales moved and Gonzales seconded approval of a special use permit to Eugene Jupe to move a manufactured home on the 800 block of Waltom Avenue. Tymrak asked Jupe why the other mobile home had not been skirted or have a porch added? He replied that the posts were in the foundation and will be welded to the frame of the home. The skirting will be done and the porch is on the back side. Both homes will be occupied by his granddaughters and he intends to seal the driveway, too. Williams abstained and Blue voted negative. Motion passed.

A special use permit was given to Jimmy and Gloria Day to move a manufactured home onto property at409 Commerce. This had previously been approved by the Planning and Zoning Committee. Motion passed with Tymrak voting negative. A final special use permit was granted unanimously for Roberto Cruz III to move a manufactured home to 906 Palmetto Street.

Up next was an amendment to the annual 2013/2014 budget. This is something that is done every year. Blue moved to approve; Williams seconded.

Tymrak wanted to see the changes from the official budget, wanted to go over the budget line by line and wanted more than her allotted five minutes to discuss this. She had to ask her fellow council members for additional time, but none would allow it. Erkan stated that the budget ended on September 30, 2014 and this was to amend it to the actual expenses. Motion passed with Tymrak voting negative.

An ordinance was passed to extend the early voting days and hours to include Saturday and Sunday.

Gonzales asked if there could be plans for upgrading the City Park. The Fall Festival that was held there was impressive and many attended. He would like to see that the bathrooms are redone and perhaps add a small pavilion at some point. City Manager Dan Nick said that hopefully when the pool is closed, they will be able to expand the area.

Gonzales also asked for updates on items that were approved earlier in the year, such as testing of the sirens and letting citizens know what the different sounds were for. Nick said that he was told verbally which sound was for storms and which for evacuation. It was pointed out that it malfunctioned last Wednesday at 11:00 p.m. Nick said that a tech came down and they may need to replace the board. It should be repaired by the end of the month. Tymrak wanted to know why the city didn’t go to robot calls instead of trying to fix old technology. Gonzales also asked about debris that was left in front of a business owner’s property. Nick said that the contractor is to take care of that.

Gonzales also inquired to the future of the old city hall building and what legalities, if any, would be involved. Netardus said they are waiting to refurbish the water tank tower that is on the property before any action is taken on the building.

Tymrak made a motion that the city purchase one or more Gieger Counters from the Government Nuclear Regulatory Commission to test for environmental radioactivity. Motion died for lack of second.

A motion was made by Tymrak and seconded by Gonzales that every month the bank balance for ”each and every account in each and every financial depository that holds city monies” be included in the council’s monthly packets. Nick replied that would be 22 or 23 bank accounts. Gonzales asked if it would cost a substantial amount to get into the packets and if that would be an issue. Tymrak wants the first page of each account with the account numbers visible. Tymrak voted yes, while everyone else voted no. Motion did not pass.

A motion was made to add a policy that a draft of the minutes be available within 10 days of the meeting and sent to Council. Tymrak complained that she did not get her packet until late Friday and that does not give adequate time for her to examine it. Gonzales agreed that the minutes should be done earlier. City Secretary Debbie Molina said that she is getting taxes out as well and is pulled in all directions. She will try to get them out within 15 days. Blue said that Tymrak was trying to micro-manage again. Netardus said that she didn’t feel it was micro-managing since it is her job. She said that 15 days was alright with her. The Mayor suggested that some of the other ladies help her, but Molina replied that they were all very busy. Tymrak and Gonzales voted for the motion; the other three voted against it. Motion failed.

The Council unanimously accepted the resignation of Benny Cope from the Planning and Zoning Commission. Nick said that he had not found anyone to replace him, yet.

The board went into executive session at 7:50 p.m. and returned at 8:05 p.m. They discussed the reappointment or removal of members of the P&Z Commission and appointment of a chair. Upon returning, Tymrak moved that they advertise in the paper and on the internet to find people interested in serving. Resumes should be received by November 13 so they can be included in the Council’s packet. There was no second so motion failed.

There were a few items on the Council’s social calendar, including the benefit for Chief Kaiser at the Cowboy Fellowship on November 15 from 11:00 to 3:00.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

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