Jourdanton council reveals Morales wins appeal

After an executive session during the December meeting of the Jourdanton City Council, Mayor Susan Netardus announced, “with sadness and reluctance” the retirement of City Manager Dan Nick effective May 1, 2016. Other council members, Karen Pesek, Robert “Doc” Williams, Johnetta Goetzel and Kendall Schorsch, expressed their appreciation for the good works that Nick has done during his tenure. Raul Roy Morales was not at this meeting.

The ground breaking ceremony for the Sports Complex was scheduled for December 28 at noon. According to the schedule, the pool should be completed by spring and the ball fields should be done by July.

Council approved the proposed 2016 Holiday Schedule for employees, which coincides with the county’s schedule, except the city will take off Columbus Day, where the county does not. Another piece of housekeeping was the approval of the Pleasanton Express as the official city newspaper. This has to be done each year.

Nick encouraged the council to consider MuniServices, LLC. for sales tax compliance review. This is the same company that did the Hotel/Motel tax audit last year. Ted Campbell, from MuniServices, explained that they had 104 other cities that use them for this audit. They look for errors and misallocations in information from the Comptroller’s office. Most errors can be corrected through that office. There is no upfront fee for the service and they get paid only if they find errors, at which point it is 30 percent off the top. Williams moved to hire the company, with Schorsch seconding. Motion passed unanimously.

The council retired into executive session at 6:31 p.m. and didn’t return until 9:11 p.m. Aside from the retirement of Nick, the council also considered attorney advice on the City of Pleasanton’s application for Certificates of Convenience and Necessity, case of Hernandez v. the City of Jourdanton and claims relating to off premise sign application. Upon return, the council authorized the City Manager to negotiate a settlement with the City of Pleasanton. Council also rejected the demand of the lawsuit and directed counsel to respond with their legal reasons.

Netardus spoke for Morales in thanking all who supported him during the election contest brought by his opponent. He did win his appeal.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.


The Honorable David Peeples, Judge Presiding in the Fourth Court of Appeals in the case of Raul (Roy) Morales v. Rudy Segura, was delivered and filed on December 16, 2015.

This decision reversed an earlier trial court after an appeal was filed by Rudy Segura challenging the contest for city councilman held in the November 2014 election between Morales and Segura. The question of a provisional ballot that was counted on Segura’s behalf, had been rejected as the person was not a registered voter.

Marialyn Barnard, Justice gave the opinion with Sandee Bryan Marion, Chief Justice and Luz Elena D. Chapa, Justice acting as sitting justices.

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